Acoustic Wave Therapy is a non-invasive, elective, medical procedure designed to treat the underlying cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and help to create new blood vessels. An initial consultation is completed by a licensed medical professional to determine the patient’s overall health status and assess if the patient would be possibly be a good candidate for the treatment. Individual results may vary due to the existing health history and condition of each patient. Additional medical avenues may be recommended to augment and enhance the results of the Acoustic Wave Therapy protocol.
Upon beginning treatment, patients give full consent and authority to Dallas Premier Health and the employed staff to perform treatments related to Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The treatment protocol is for the purpose of treating an underlying condition or to improve overall health.

Refund Policy

Upon beginning the treatment protocol and after completing the first treatment, any costs regarding treatments, procedures or other services received from Dallas Premier Health will be considered non-refundable. This treatment is considered to be elective by nature and as such is not covered by most insurance plans.