Let's Get Things Working
Again For You

During your FREE consultation, your symptoms and medical profile will be thoroughly reviewed by one of our Licensed Medical Providers. Plan on about an hour for your first visit with us.
We’ll take the time to answer all your important questions. We make your experience very SIMPLE and RELAXED.
Our Medical Professional will also give you a painless Doppler vascular ultrasound evaluation to determine your blood flow to help see if you’re a candidate for treatment.
If you are a good candidate, immediately following your FREE consultation and evaluation, you will be provided with a comprehensive treatment plan. You can even start with your first treatment that same day.
The treatment plan consists of a series of 25-30 minute sessions to get you back to full natural sexual health. While experiences vary, many men report an obvious improvement after just the first couple sessions, some even sooner.
No pain, or recovery time. The treatment is not hard, but the results can be.