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This Simple Medical Procedure Activates Your Body's Natural Healing Ability And Is Scientifically Proven To Increase Mens' Sexual Function, Performance, And Optimized Health

Our Wave Therapy protocol is the only ED treatment that uses painless low intensity, high frequency shockwaves over the surface of the skin. This non-invasive, highly-effective, science-based procedure creates an increase in blood flow and helps create new blood vessels by treating the root cause of most erectile dysfunction.


Painless Treatments

In-Office Procedures 30 Minutes or Less

Restores Natural Erections

No Medications

No Surgery

No Downtime

Improve Your Confidence

To help you decide if Acoustic Wave Therapy is right for you, we are pleased to offer you a FREE consultation with one of our Licensed Medical Providers where we can answer all your important questions

And, if you are a good candidate for this ground-breaking therapy, you’ll receive treatment in the convenience and privacy of our facility. You can even start treatment the same day!

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ACOUSTIC WAVE Therapy is Clinically Proven To Work

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Speak in-person with one of our Licensed Medical Providers who is certified in Wave Therapy for ED. He’ll assess your case of ED and review your medical history to provide you with the best possible treatment recommendations.


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You even have the option to begin treatment that same day. The treatments are painless, non-invasive, and you’re done about 30 minutes after your initial FREE consultation.

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